The Importance of a Good Eraser

Think about all the things you need to get yourself organized with a personal office space. You will want to have all the items you need from writing utensils to organizers, notepads and more. There are so many interesting stationary items you can find online to give your home or work office a personal touch that is uniquely you. If you are the type of person who likes to draw and you use different pencils for it, even with doodling, you know how important a good eraser is. The last thing you want on a drawing or even a good pencil writing is smudging.

Poorly made erasers tend to erase poorly and often leave smudges. Not every pencil is the classic number two pencil that is the common standard. Artists know well that not all erasers are created equally. After erasing, you also typically need a way to pick up the shreds and that is best done by using gum erasers, a mainstay for any pencil artist. Whether you are truly an artist or not, you still want your pencil art to turn out nicely. Sometimes even simple doodles can work out to become very nice art.

Aside from artwork, usually we use pencils if we are expecting to hand write and potentially make many corrections. If this is the case, be sure to start with paper that is of good quality and a strong bond to handle all the erasing. Thinner paper does not erase as easily and it is all too possible to shred the paper or tear holes in it with multiple times of eraser use. This is why it is important to get the higher quality of stationary when you are working with pencils and erasers. Much like any other work you do, you want it coming out looking as good as possible and the better quality erasers fit the bill for that task.

Besides good tools to erase and good paper to write on, chances are you will have some other needs when it comes to office type goods. At the better sites, you should find a full collection of pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, journals, post notes, envelopes, and just about anything you can think of. Always be sure to get a daily and monthly planner so you can quickly jot down any new obligations or tasks that come to mind. Smaller planners fit easily into a purse or pack and are simple to carry around and use at a moment’s notice. Also, it is impossible for the data to get deleted on paper like that.


Get the collection of pencils you love the most in the same place you get your various erasers. If you know pencils, you will know which kinds to buy. Find plenty of good paper and get to work. Whether you do it for a profession or a hobby, pencil art is a fine challenge. With the right personalized tools, you can do the best drawing and writing you have ever done.