What is Carrageenan and is it Safe for Food?

There is no reason to worry about food additives as a whole. Yes, we do have to understand that some additives are not good for us at all. There are plenty of additives that food companies put into our food that should not be present, particularly after research has shown that these additives had negative side effects in the short or long-term. But what we need to understand as consumers is that not every single thing added to your food is a bad thing. And it is vital that we have this type of distinction.

The reason it matters so much is because if you are avoiding additives in general, you are going to find that there is a very small list of foods that you can eat. And that is fine, if you are going to want to go down that route. If you have the money and the patience, then it is a nice and healthy lifestyle to live. However, those who do want to shop in all the isles are better of knowing what is going on with respect to specific additives, rather than fearing all of them.

So, now we will come to carrageenan specifically. The good news is that this item has no harmful impacts on a person in the short or long-term. Yes, if you have some type of allergy, you may have some issues with it. But other than allergies, there is no reason why a person would want to avoid the additive. If it is in your food, you are completely fine. You will see it the most in ice creams and other types of desserts, so you should not freak out if it among the ingredients in something that you are about to eat, because it is not there for no reason.


In terms of other additives, we think that doing some research is the only way to approach the matter. No company is going to put your health beyond their sales. That is why you must always do a quick Google search if you are unsure about an additive. Look it up, read the facts and then you can make an informed choice. And if you do find that some of the additives on a package are no good, then you can just avoid buying items from that company in the future. It is the best way to do business – let your money do the talking.

The whole thing with additives does get overblown, though. There is a reason why they are in our food. They are good for settling certain foods, adding flavor or color, or preservation qualities. But they are not necessarily bad. For instance, adding salt to food is not bad, but salt is an additive in the same sense. The only difference in some of these other additives have rather complicated names that we cannot pronounce, and it makes us think they are immediately bad for us. We should not view things in such a way!